Monday, August 30, 2010

Blatant Lie

To call women as weaker sex is perennial lie.If that is true why there is such great fear on women reservation   amongst men?

Men live in such misconceived notions for long!

Opportunities were denied to women in men"s world for centuries which is true.Predicaments faced by them as one reads "A Thousand Splendid Suns" are not to be denied.

But why men have consistently acted against women.

They know they are weak.

Men are weaker sex.

Women are strong mentally. They excel in multitasking genetically.They mature quicker than men.

I think I speak my mind better if i quote a character by Paulo coelho who by profession knows men better than anybody:

Men can beat women up. Abuse or threaten them .But the fact remains that they are scared to death about women really. Perhaps it may not be the women they marrid. There is always one woman who frightens them
and force them to submit to her caprices.Even it can be their own mother.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


With this inspired title thoughts flow from me. Is it from the mind or from the heart?

I really dont know!

To cultivate our mind we make lot of efforts from childhood.Critical acumen is one such quality university education intends to inculcate in us. Ability to interpret is another quality of understanding
in higher education. Narrative skills and dramatic representation and above all analytical talent are considered to be creative architecture of human mind.

All these qualities according to me adds up to satanic dimensions to heart.As for the heart all all these qualities contribute is wickedness .

Trusting is good and suspecting is evil. Criticism ruins personal relationships marriages careers and values. Intrepretations twists things out of shape.Exaggeration scepticism and analysis  breaks relationships destroys faith and brings an end to harmony and peace.

This is darker side of the positive traits we struggle hard to cultivate.

never mind if you dont agree with this!