Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Sometime back i have observed that it is too difficult toclaim immunity from subjectivity that unconsciously creeps between analyst and analysis.

Subjectivity has many negative dimensions such as entrenched prejudices pridilections misguided
ideologies and psychological aberrations.

In a nutshell everyone has a point of view that is perfectly fair and fine for him.

Amartysen enlightened me on this:

On positionality of observation and illusion solar eclipse is a good example!
It is precisely becausew sun and moon have the same visible size FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF EARTH a complete solar eclipse occur WITH A SMALL MASS OF MOON OBSCURING THE LARGEST MASS OF SUN !

In "Winner stands alone" by Paulo Coelho"s hero a cold blooded murderer beleives in his integrity and fairness.
Hitler"s followers who built concentration camps asper orders of their leader strongly beleived in their integrity.
Many intellectuals were condemned as lunatics by doctors who beleived communism is a fair ideology.
After all all soldiers, why soldiers all terrorists who beleived in their just cause go on killing people!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I wish to dwell more on this subject for two important purposes:

To put on scan whatever we think right (in Tamil they say Mathi yosi)

While blindly accepting or opposing what  others say

Amartya Sen exposed this universal narrow mindedness in his Book "Idea Of Justice"

On positionality of observation and our illusions solar eclipse is the best example.
 From the perspective of earth sun and moon have the same size ! And hence for us solar eclipse occurs with a small mass of moon obscuring large mass of sun.
There can be no better example for positional bias.

Since we always look from our point of view

Saturday, July 10, 2010


This inner dialogue is a clarification that i give to myself. My mind speaking to it.

Let me not have slightest inclination to impress convince find fault please dominate or antagonise

through my reflections. I have no expectation whatever from any quarter. At this stage of my life never.

I might have read listened thought over and experienced but what i should write out here are reflectionsw from my mind and hence they are original.

Yet I understand the inner monster. Between the analysis and matter to be analysed there is subjectivity. i cannot claim immunity from it.

Since i beleive in uncertainty of knowledge and aware of inadequacy of knowledge my thinking need not necessarily be directionless.

When my mind speaks I also speak through your mind. Here J.K.reminds me you are the world!!!

Does this sound like a disclaimer/

Friday, July 9, 2010

Selfish Groups


My dear Chris

I am wondering about this for a long time.

We see around us heaps of injustices.Inequalities of various kinds discriminations of all varieties poverty of the worst kind plight  of the orphans underprivileged disabled and mentally ill .
Buddha beleived even without any deep sense of spirituality we have obligation to such people
precisely because of asymmetry between us. He indicates emphathy is like mother"s reason for
helping out his child .It has no selfishness. Mother assists the child because her contribution is making a huge difference to child"s life which child itself cannot do.  Your selfless help and obligation to animals
are seen in this context by Gautama Buddha.
I am turning my attention to spiritual groups of various denominations wherever you find them
you see them engrossed in their greed for self fulfilment with rituals and practices such as yoga meditation listening to endless discourses of their Gurus with  exalted status. If self purification does not lead to selflessness what wothy purpose your life aim to achieve?
I am posing this question to all such multiple groups who contribute nothing to the society and who lack complete sense of emphathy translated into a single credible action.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Declined Values

dated 5 July 2010


Today you have quoted Karnataka Lok Ayukta Mr.Santosh (Hegde) "s remarks:
Corruption is widespread because people find nothing wrong in corrupt practices.Any rich person is treated as successful person.

Where this leads to?

This leads to our unambiguous definition of success. And the extremities of fallacious thinking of two poles of success and failure and nothing in between!

What determines a successful person? The milestones are money power and status.Only a system which has no values no ethics no morality can measure success in this method.

Are we worried about the means as Gandhiji lamented? The means to achieve money power and status can be anything.

These are the worldly wise and smart gogetters you find anywhere people respect and adore!

A young boy was born of lower middle class family denied of basic minimum education in a school
innocent and ignorant of cunningness and deceit still showing abilities to analyse question creative with flair for mother tongue script writing and acting was most ridiculed condemned criticised and villified
while the opposite treatment was meted out to those who exhibited those worldly qualities to achieve name and fame.
You all know that young boy who has now become old!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Uncertainty of our knowledge

Most of our knowledge is uncertain. Let us never miss this fact while encountering a view contrary to ours! Most of what we had learnt was to be unlearnt and that was biggest learning for us. New evidences keep on arriving! Our horizon of understanding keeps on expanding.We REFLECT on our    values priorities beleifs experiences .

Science works this way !

Such open mindedness  is the only entry criteria for this blog. Let us reflect!

Dedication to my Darling Daughter

Valaiyamal Nadhigal Ellai

Valikkamal Vazhkai Ellai

Kanmani En magal Neeyinti  Naan Ellai!