Thursday, October 21, 2010

Karen Nivedita Foundation- Miles to go before we sleep!

 Nivvy Baby!You have brought change in lives of many! And the change is happiness!

When Karen came into this world as the child of Christopher it soon followed with the birth of "Karen Nivedita Foundation" a brainchild of Christopher!

The foundation represents fountain of unwavering feelings of empathy that heart of Chris harbours always for the disadvantaged. How many of us have felt this empathy for the Housekeeper in First Ac who makes your bed but has his bed in a cramped space just near the toilet!

A visit to the Government Hospital on one {not a fine} morning for both of us. What we witnessed troubled our minds.The distressing and miserable conditions in the wards.Surely millions of miserable ones
receive a raw deal which is flat denial of basic amenities that Karen Nivedita could reach out!
The seeds of the Foundation were sown in the mind of Christopher that moment!

We were not aware of Millennium Development Goals but we later realised that the goals and objectives synchronised with his aspirations .

Karen Nivedita Foundation took upon itself the following mission:

1.Strive hard to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

2.Enable primary education

3.Reduce child mortality

4.Improve maternal health

5.Combat HIV/AIDS

Objects of the trust include:

1.Establish or subsidise orphanages

2.Run medical camps

3.Construct or help constructing hospitals

4.Construct or help schools with secular education

5.Cause of animal welfare

6.Alleviating human sufferings at times of calamities


Karen Nivedita Foundation has enabled:

*construction of 5000 sq feet paediatric ward

*Construction of Ramp at Little House of Divine Providence Cottolengo the Sisters Home for disabled and handicapped children.

*Construction of a modern state of the art and a class apart ICU unit exclusively for the newly born  at government Hospital Coimbatore.

*Regular donor of "Aravannaikum Anbu Illam

*Donor through "Freedom through Education" Project

*Various amounts spent for cause of deserving students who are economically backward .
* Meeting medical and marriage expenses of disadvantaged poor and cancer patients.

* Regular contributions to the Artificial Limb Project
* Construction of toilet blocks for Government Primary Schools
Our heartfelt thanks to all those people who supported us to make this happen!

Summing Up

We have come a long way. The country as a whole might have made vast strides.But lives of many remain pathetic. Dr Manmohan Singh"s dream that  the benefits from rich will percolate to poor has not happened!

Crores are below BPL.

Let us not forget the maxim that" We live in a world of our own making"

There is a purpose  for this article:

Drops make the ocean! If an individual"s hand is strengthened with noble gestures of many hundred more things can be done to alleviate people"s misery.Towards this purpose Karen Nivedita Foundation has been accorded with 80 G EXEMPTION by Income Tax Dept from March 2010.

Do not send any donation now. After the right project is identified we will ensure end use and complete transparency and right to know how each rupee is spent I may publish an appeal in this column . But we need your response now telling us what you think and if you would be interested in being part of our initiatives. Inherent faith in the goodness of people is the driving force of this Foundation.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Today Is octocer second the national holiday at India one can"t avoid thinking about the barrister at South Africa whose definition of legal profession cloud our minds in the aftermath of Temple versus Masjid verdict delivered day before yesterday!

Last month news in TOI that many Judges were caught redhanded while copying in their University Examinations did not entirely shock me.I am often skeptical whether men who deliver jurisprudence and make crucial decisions on peoples"lives are competent enough to do it.Especially in issues of complex varieties demanding expertise and advanced knowledge and high degree of social awareness on issues involving science technology environment history archaeology philosophy and ethics and morality.

They are invariably possessing archaic knowledge with a basic degree and after study of ageold laws land up in starting to study criminal law or civil disputes or service and labour cases or company law and constitutional law asper the opportunities they get.
These ordinary men give final answers for vexed questions that makes or mars quality of life of multitudes.
For general public ,however, the perception is that they are superhuman or demigods.

Their perception is not completely wrong. They are right expectations.Under balance of power concept they should be eminent men of undisputed integrity noblest purest and most righteous. They examine laws of the state and declare them null and void interpret them to give true definition of justice without fear or favour.They have to pledge their allegiance to human race not restricted to any man made distinctions.
If it comes in God"s name they do not hesitate to act in the interest of humanity.In his definition of PHILOSOPHER-KING Plato envisaged these qualities thousands of years back.

Recent pronouncements of Judges are eyeopeners and fail to meet any of the lofty expectations above explained.
They talk too much assumes too much but are silent spectators to the specific question whether the perpetrators of demolition have indulged in criminal act or not.This reflects a declining trend in values.
depicting the fact that modern morals are curious mixture. One is the desire to live harmoniously and at peace with rest of the religious groups. And the other is subservient to ancient supersitions semi divine characters in mythology preached and followed by the most backward or pastoral or agricultural tribes few thousand years back.
In the recent judgment cognisance of the offence commited in 1992 and examination of evidence the two duties expected out of the litigation have been swept under the carpet.
If they are not experts and they lack specialisation in any Branch of knowledge They cannot go ahead making their views binding on peoples" lives. this is my humble opinion.