Sunday, January 12, 2014


America , a mighty nation has become a biting nation. In its madness of superiority it is biting almost every one.

This is to be stopped in the interest of humanity and in the interest of human dignity which is  in stake for every self respecting citizen throughout the world.

We , Indians are shameless  silent spectators until we become the victim of this violent oppressor and self proclaimed world policeman.

We are all selfish citizens of the world , I am included. We do not realize  the pain until it happens to us.

We have to get rid of this cowardice in the guise of neutrality and non interference.

Hitler, Mussolini Stalin and Rajabakshe became tools of mass destruction because of this passive attitude adopted by world countries. Non alignment is utter foolish concept if we are silent when atrocities are perpetrated. Not taking a side at such occasion is the most barbaric and uncivilized act of inaction.

INTERFERE WHEN THERE IS INJUSTICE WHEREVER HAPPENS America goes on destabilizing many governments in many countries if they refuse to fall in line with their whims and fancies.They spy over the private lives of every citizen of the world. Despite Assange and Snowden"s exposures we are silent may be because we are too stooping to spy lives of private citizens by CMS.. Periyar valued self respect much more than anything such as political freedom. Russia has self respect and it is a mighty nation. But what about all of those Latin American countries which are small and powerless. We are humbled by the courage and sense of dignity shown by Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Cuba etc.,

Finally it has also happened to us. We, all of us Indians felt like having been stripped and arrested and got criminal charges slapped upon us when our representative in that Nation was stripped and arrested. 

What is the lesson/ Do away with this non alignment and silence which is an outmoded concept. If we lack the guts to call a spade spade we have no right to be called a dignified human being . If we refuse to take sides in a critical juncture in any part of the world when human dignity is in jeopardy we deserve not to be called dignified human beings . 

Wake up India, wake up!