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Hi Story of India was told and retold to us very many times. Now a valid reconfirmation comes from  a Distinguished Professor of History of religions who has received double doctorate in Sanskrit at Harvard.. Her name is Dr.Wendy Doniger an Indologist at University of Chicago.

There is a history behind our inherited socio- economic inequality. We all have a duty to understand the hidden truths in the mixture of texts and myths offered to us in the platter of" HI Story"
What Great Periyar  told us, these people reconfirm to the whole world now  I had occasion to read A.K.Ramaujan"s "300 Ramayanas" withdrawn from Delhi University's history syllabus and "The Hindu: Alternative History'(2009) by Wendy Doniger copies of the same have been destroyed by the publisher recently.This blog brings to the world the facts that are suppressed!

These  are not private views but authentic translations of Rig Veda, Laws of Manu and documentary evidences. All along our views are painted as anti upper caste and personally I was not able to refute them because of ignorance of Sanskrit language. Not the whole book of Wendy Doniger! Just look at a few of the meanings of Sanskrit words, you will realise how prophetic Periyar was!! 

Sanskrit means perfect.(language spoken by Aryas) Prakrit means  (language other than Sanskrit : evidence shows that at that point of time it means Tamil: primordial spoken by dasas which means milechas or barbarians.Linga means Shiva's erect phallus. Ithikasa  means what people said it happened (not  history). Shruti means what is heard. moksha means set free. ahimsa has nothing to do with Gandhi's concept but it simply means not doing harm to animals.
Was there anything called Hinduism? Actually identities of people were segmented  on the basis of locality, language, caste, occupation and sect. Hinduism has no single founder. Hinduism has no canon. Hinduism has no holy Book until Euro Americans arrived  and started praising Bhagvad Gita. The very word Hindu is not native. This was a brand given by Herodotus  Persians,arabs, and Moghuls for people who lived  beyond the great river of north west of sub continent "SINDHU"
Manu says that from eastern sea to the western sea (Indian Ocean and bay of Bengal) the area between Himalayas and vindhyas is what wise men call us land Of Aryas.Sanskrit is one of the oldest recorded form of language family that included Greek, latin,germanic,french,Italian, Spanish, English etc.,.All these languages alleged to have run away from the home of single parent  sometime in the 4th Millennium BCE. This parent language is called  Indo European or Indo Aryan. But this is not an observable fact according to Wendy Doniger.

But linguists regard this as an "Inescapable hypothesis".Majority of Indians speak Indo Aryan (76%) and Dravidian (22%). Tamil as a language appears to have developed from traditions separate from sanskrit. Inscriptions in cavesa are of Tamil Brahmi script.

A whole community of people have been cheated by a particular sect without disclosing what really is in  vedas , Upanishads and Manu and  there was a crying need for some authentic scholar to to undo the lies about our past. Wendy Doniger has done it.

Why some one can feel offended ? British imperialists have invented Hinduism. People in this part of world did not develop a strong sense of themselves as members of distinct religion for many thousand years.A great degree of plurality, flexibility, free thinking, hybridity., tolerance and multiplicity were part of our culture .Even today it is relevant. Different forms of worship within what we call as Hinduism testifies our tolerance of diversity and distinct identity . The worship of one god does not automatically predispose a Hindu to be hostile towards people worshipping another god. This was culture of this soil.
Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan defined Hinduism as " a belief that truth is multisided which no one could fully fathom". B.G.Tilak  remarked that salvation through hinduism is diverse and number of gods worshiped are large. Supreme court of India has endorsed these definitions while deciding cases.
****Facts are facts in whatever degree they embarrass us . Let us face it:

****Evils of war are justified.

****Inequality was institutionalized  through Varna and jati.

****Justifying inequality by karma theory which says  that souls are reborn richer or poorer, sick or healthy according to conduct in previous life. (Upanishads but it has roots in Vedas)

****Intoxication is central theme of rig Veda.Gods get intoxicated. Indra eats 20 bulls and drinks soma.

****Adultery is made even in heaven.(Indra"s adultery with mortal woman, Moon runs away with wife of Priest of Gods(Brahaspati)

****Temple is literally and really a dwelling place of God.

****Cowards of the food of the brave (Manu and Mahabharata)

****killing in sacrifice is not killing. (Manu).Veda people sacrifice cattle to gods and eat themselves.

****hunting is a matter of justified pastime .

****gambling is justified. Losing kingdom through gambling and going in exile is an approved practice.

****Women are slaves and Sati is a age long practice. Women are in chains according to Manu:In childhood women should be in father"s control, in youth under husband and when husband is dead under her sons. She should not have independence.

****Unbelievers , infidels,Pariahs (those who do dirty duties and hence untouchables) and women are
forbidden to learn Vedas.

****There are Gods and anti gods in the system.There was also a second alliance of ascetics who even challenge gods.
****Gods often lie and cheat.
****There was jealousy and animosity between gods. 
****Many frauds have been added in different versions of Ithikasas. I may quote one. Many men who committed no offence were killed in the battle between Pandavas and Kauravas. Yuddhistra conducts a horse sacrifice  to restore himself and his kingdom from the sin.In Puranas he makes pilgrimage to Prayaga. (Wendy Doniger calls it as new puranic wine added into old Brahmnic bottles.


1.Upanishads attribute their new documents to an important group of non brahmins: Kshatriyas.
For example, king Jaivali Pravahana taught doctrine of two paths to young brahmin Shvetaketu.

2.Upanishad was influenced by Jainism and Buddhism. When Jains took vegetarianism to extreme lengths , this heavily influenced Hindu thought.

3.Like Buddhists authors of Upanishads argued that conduct rather than birth determines true brahmin.

4.Mahabharatha says it is charioteers who told the story during interval of a great sacrifice. Brahmins committed the texts into writing.

5.Sanskrit traditions states unequivocally and surprisingly that non brahmins , the people of low caste were originally in charge of care and feeding of two great sanskrit poems .Brahmins took over sometime later.The texts of the two poems were originally composed orallyt and preserved both orally and also in manuscript for more than 2000 years,Oral origin found its way to folklore.

6.Origin of colors are found in Mahabharata.In Mahabharata , there were no differences between classes. The Universe is made of Brahman. actions (karmas) divide into classes. those Brahmins who were fond of enjoying pleasures, quick to anger and impetuous in their affection abandoned their own dharma and became kshatriyas with red bodies. those brahmins who took up herding failed to follow their own dharma became Vaishyas. Those brahmins who became greedy and fond of violence(himsa) and lies fell from  purity became black shudras.
7.After culture and mode of life attributed to Hinduism passed one stage after another such as Indus, Vedic period, Upanishads , what sustained this religion was the cult called "Bhakti" (supreme devotion to God) which  really rescued the religion from competing faiths, Bhakti originated from south and main proponents of Bhakti were women and low caste people.But fraudulent efforts were taken to hide this.Nammalvar was a shudra coming from farming family. He was leader of Vaishnava Brahmins. They started making stories that he refused his shudra mother's milk. Wendy Doniger says "this is one step forward and two steps backward"

8.Brahmins who resettled in South after Kingdoms were established,learnt Tamil and introduced sanskrit. This two way process moved Tamil to north and Sanskrit to south. Bhakti which was a religious sentiment moved to north and into sanskrit.Tamil  local Puranas (Sthala Puranams) were sanskritised into Bhagwad Purana.

9. Sanskrithas many tamil loan words  already from Rig Veda time.


Multiple ideas coexist in a healthy manner in hinduism. sometimes in a open mind : and sometimes 
in a group of people whose mind is closed.

Hinduism interacted creatively first with Buddhism and Jainism  then with Jews, Christians, Islam  Sikhism, and with all tribal religions  and Zoroastrianism  Such an open mind is a matter of rarity and a rarest exception among religions of the world. Some are appreciative borrowings such as Vishnu"s incarnation as Buddha.
Hybridity and multiplicity of Hindu religion is unparalleled in history of mankind.

IN short, broad Catholicism, great generosity, tolerance , commitment to truth, sacrifice and love for all life characterizes average Hindu.


Conclusion is confusion , as Wendy Doniger herself admits. But my eyes opened to truth when she translated a poem from Rig Veda (9:112) as follows which brought the magnitude of mischief to my attention:

" I am a poet:my dad a physician, and mom a miller. With diverse thoughts we all strive for wealth going after it like a cattle"

Kathleen Gough in 1960

"One day, sitting in the Adi Dravida Street, I tackled a group of older Pallars on the subject of death, duty,destiny and my inadequate Tamil I asked them what they thought where the soul went after death. The group collapsed in merriment- perhaps as much at my speech as at the question.Wiping his eyes the old man replied :'Mother, we don"t know! Do you know? Have you been there?
I said " No, but the Brahmins say that if people do their duty well in this life, their soul will be born next time in a higher caste!"
"Brahmins say so! " scoffed another elder. "Brahmins say anything! Their heads go roud and round!

I am too saying the same thing.i am as ignorant as the old Pallar!

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