Sunday, May 22, 2011

Easy Way Out!

You and I  and each one of us are self opinionated. Some one said , we are dogma prone right from our mothers" womb. You know, that is an  easy way live our life.

All that one should not forget is this: irrespective of our convenient fixed beliefs, human culture is changing and evolving.Human knowledge too is all the time evolving.Each generation is building upon the accomplishments of previous generation.

Raw facts are always difficult for us to comprehend. Not many of you are enjoying these thoughts.
 Convincing and cunning stories are  hot sales always because it is easy for human mind to buy it.
Things that fit narrative are easily remembered by us. That is why rather than true events reconstructed events make history more explainable.
  Mind always try to establish linearity.Whereas non linearity rules our lives. What is the linearity between pleasure and drinking water.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb explains in his mind blowing masterpiece many such mental blocks. For example we never examine the silent evidence. In faith healing the silent evidence is this: "Who prayed but not healed" In this world there are innumerable unsung heroes. What are their stories?  silent evidence. How many manuscripts epics and account of history are  destroyed and lost for ever. What silent evidence they carry?

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