Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fruit Gathering


In their Book "IN Search of Excellence" Mr.Thomas J.Peters and Robert H.Waterman has brought to attention the fact that what we think responsible as basic rules for running a company efficiently are all wrong.

The lessons are drawn by them by intensive study of America"s best run companies.

Belief  number one; Big is better. We get economies of scale. WRONG

                          two:To win, make it low cost.                            WRONG

                         three:Analyse everything. Set targets always.Forecast everything. WRONG

                          four:Get rid of fanatical champions                                                    Wrong

                            five:Decision making is the crucial high level job.Implementation follows . Terribly

                            six:Control everything...WRONG

                        seven:Give incentives.productivity will follow; WRONG

                           eight; Control quality ;WRONG

                           nine:Be business minded and professional oriented.People, Product and Services are all  resources to achieve profits: WRONG

                           ten:Top Executives are the ones very important. They are more important than markets. Terribly wrong.

                        eleven:Growth is everything. If you stop growing everything is over. WRONG.


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