Sunday, May 22, 2011

Psychological Black Plague

Criticisms and failures are components of conditioning.criticisms compound criticisms and failures compound failures.

A distorted thinking process thus sets in.which we call as inferiority feeling.In later  stages it assumes the form of neurotic character.
It is rooted in the young adult"s experience of helplessness, weakness and dependency and intensified  by comparison.

The inability to reach a fictional subjective goal of success nurtures this inferiority feeling.Such perceived  negative feeling will recall the original inferiority feeling which was embedded in early stages of life and the composite effect is overwhelming.

The causes are traced to parental attitude , physical defects, mental limitations, social disadvantages and discrimination shown to people.
A temporary patch to solve the inferior feeling is to make oneself feel superior. Such superiority complex is also a disguised form of inferiority complex only.
In inferiority complex which is psychological disorder creative imagination is wrongly employed. That is an image one makes evoking unworthiness , shame and failure.

They say great military leader and emperor such as Napoleon was driven from the insecurities of being short. This' they say , one exposes by aggressive behaviour. A smaller structure is not necessarily a true handicap but by employing wrongly creative imagination one perceives it as handicap.A woman with such complex is threatened by an attractive woman. She overcompensates this feeling by teasing , criticising, and displaying various insecure behaviour.


What is my attitude towards people who are better off than me in certain areas of life?

How do I feel towards people who are more attractive than me?

How do I feel about my superiors  at work?
Do I feel inferior to them?

Do I feel better than them?

Do I feel the urge to pull them down by criticising them?

Or do I feel excited or thrilled to see their success?


All people have flaws. Most people in this world have major flaws.

Goals and yardstick of success and failure are purely subjective.

We don"t  need to reach the perceived goal to enjoy ourselves.

We can enjoy the journey with the kind of progress we make . In that process we are very confident.

We are unique. You are unique. No matter you do. You are unique.
About 90% of the people feel they are inferior (without realising  the concept of uniqueness)- so our perceived standard is a joke, One should be able to realise finally how silly it is to compare- compare ourselves against false measurements.

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  1. Nice conclusion about enjoying the journey.